Feeding Environments and Routines

Relationships, environments (physical and sensory), and routines may be considerations in the management of concerns regarding feeding as a positive experience.


  • Mealtime is not just a time for eating, but a time for relationship building, exploring food, learning mealtime manners, and developing social skills.
  • A child’s ability to participate fully in the mealtime routine can be influenced by a range of factors, including the physical and sensory environments.
  • A predictable mealtime routine and environment can help a child learn the difference between hunger and satiation, and may help with self-regulation.
  • The communication, actions, and reactions of parents and other family members have a strong influence on the eating habits and behaviours of children.
  • Support parents to observe their child’s behaviours, reactions and communications during a mealtime.
  • Empowering parents to be involved in feeding their infant and child at every step of the way provides the foundation for a positive feeding relationship.