Ensuring Adequate Fluid Intake

Ensure safe and adequate fluid intake according to age.

Refer to: Water | Dietary Reference Intakes: The Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements | The National Academies Press

  • For children who are experiencing dark, concentrated urine, try to optimize fluid intake – offer fluids more often, try flavoured water, add ice, use straws or special cups, and alternate bites with sips of fluid.
  • For children who do not like to drink or have difficulty with fluids, high water content foods can be encouraged, such as fruit, vegetables, yogourt, soups, and ice cream. When overall nutrition intake is low, offering nutrient dense liquids is preferred such as blended soups, smoothies, and yogourt. 
  • Children with dysphagia may be a higher risk of dehydration related to swallow dysfunction, drinking skills, or sensory preferences. Some children may require thickened fluids to support safe and adequate intake. Some children may exhibit a decline in fluid intake related to sensory preferences or effort required to drink thickened fluids.