Formulas are prescribed by Registered Dietitians and Pediatricians for both oral and enteral tube feeding to support age appropriate growth and development. The length of time your child will need formula may vary and is dependent upon their nutritional needs. If any changes are needed to your child’s formula they will need to be made by your Registered Dietitian / healthcare professional.  While using formula, regular follow up for your child is required to ensure the best health outcomes. Please coordinate with your health care provider to determine the frequency of follow up visits needed for your child.

Formula Coverage

Formula can be costly for families depending on the child’s dietary needs and family income.  Should you require financial assistance with formula costs, reach out to a Social Worker or Registered Dietitian in your program area.  In Alberta, there are many programs funded through the Government of Alberta that can assist with formula coverage. All programs have specific eligibility criteria which a Social Worker can assist you with. If you have private insurance coverage, it is expected that you will attempt to use your private insurance coverage as the first source of benefit support. To find out which specific formulas are covered through Alberta government programs, click here:

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Order Formula

The formula you order monthly for your child from the Provincial Home Nutrition Support Programs follows a shared payment model. This means that the AHS Home Nutrition Support Program will provide the monthly formula and then depending on your families benefit support, the family will be required to pay for a portion or all the costs of the formula supplied. The Registered Dietitian / healthcare professional determines the monthly supply of formula that your child requires.

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Eligibility for Government Benefit Programs

All Government benefit programs have specific eligibility criteria. Please refer to the Government of Alberta website or reach out to your Social Worker / Registered Dietitian or the person whom you regularly communicate with regarding financial support. To find out which specific government benefits you may qualify for click here:

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