Formula FAQs

Aim to have a 2 week of supply at all times. At discharge, please discuss your discharge supply with your team. The amount of formula you receive is calculated by the Registered Dietitian. After this, you are required to order formula and supplies for your child. You must allow for 2 weeks processing and shipping of your delivery each month. *This means as soon as you arrive home you must place an order for your child.

Note: Some formulas are not readily stocked and require additional time from delivery and supply chain disruption can not always be anticipated.  Supply disruption can occur so it is advisable to have a 2-week supply on hand at all times.  Additional formula and supplies are not easily found on weekends or after hours at retail locations. 

Please consult your Registered Dietitian or Social Worker. You may have to pay out of pocket if you are not eligible for Government benefits or run out of formula.

Please consult your Registered Dietitian or Social Worker.

Please confirm your coverage status directly with your private insurance provider. If you need further assistance, please contact your Social Worker or Registered Dietitian or the person whom you regularly communicate with regarding financial support.