Order Formula & Enteral Supplies

The provision of formula and supplies that your child will require monthly are ordered and supplied through the provincial Pediatric Home Nutrition Support Programs (PHNSP). For more information about formula coverage click hereThe PHNSP will provide a quota amount of monthly supplies to support your child’s enteral feeding and the feeding pump, if your child has one. 

Letters to Families

Recalls, Substitutions and Advisories

Recalls, product substitutions and advisories can happen with little notice. Please check here monthly for product or formula recalls or substitutions prior to placing your monthly order. 

Contact the Home Nutrition Support Program if you have any issues with your equipment, supplies, or formula. Sending a photo of the defective equipment/supply and packaging (if it is available) to the program is requested.


Aim to have 2 weeks of supply at all times. At discharge, please discuss your discharge supply with your team. The amount of formula you receive is calculated by the inpatient Registered Dietitian. After this, you are required to order formula and supplies for your child. You must allow for 2 weeks processing and shipping of your delivery each month. *This means as soon as you arrive home you must place an order for your child.

Ordering the correct amount of formula

Formula will come in a liquid or powder in a container. The volume of formula is listed on the container. When ordering formula for your child monthly, you will need to indicate the type of formula and the amount of formula that you want to order. Your child’s Registered Dietitian has provided you with this information. If your prescription is for tube feeding, have the physician indicate on the prescription. 

Calculation Example: Suzy Uses 4 boxes of compleat pediatric per day
⇒  4 boxes x 31 days in a month ÷ 24 boxes per case
⇒ 124 ÷  24 = 5.16 cases  Order 6 cases (round up) for the month
Tip: For the following month, consider only ordering 5 cases. 

Please be advised that any changes to the amount or type of formula your child receives is done under the authorization of a Registered Dietitian or a healthcare professional. 

Equipment Supply Quotas

In order to ensure every child with a feeding tube has access to supplies, while minimizing unnecessary overuse or wastage, AHS has developed standardized quotas for supplies that may be ordered monthly. These quotas are based on evidence and national benchmarking. Due to infection control guidelines, unused supplies cannot be returned, so please order only what you need each month.

G-tube supply quotas - Aug 2021

NG-tube supply quotas - Jun 2022

Note: Families can also purchase items directly from local vendors. Prices may vary between vendors.

For feeding bags, pumps, backpacks, syringes:

Also see: PEAS Equipment List

Edmonton Pediatric Home Nutrition Support Program (HNSP)

Order Process

Please place your order by email using the patient-specific information provided to you: EDM.PediatricHomeNut@ahs.ca

Refer to the Supply Quotas above.

Delivery can take up to 3 weeks after your supply order has been confirmed by the clerk.

Calgary Pediatric Home Nutrition Support Program (HNSP)

Order Form
Excel or PDF versions available:

G-Tube Supply - Formula Order Form xls - Feb 2023
G-Tube Supply - Formula Order Form - Feb 2023

NG Supply - Formula Order Form xls - Feb 2023
NG Supply - Formula Order Form - Feb 2023

Please place your order by:

For any questions regarding supplies or formula, contact the order desk at 403-955-7165