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AHS Interprofessional Practice Regulation FAQs for EFS Teams
Legislative, Regulatory, Organizational and Individual Competency Guidelines for Eating, Feeding, and Swallowing (EFS) Teams

AHS Rehabilitation Conceptual Framework (AHS staff login required)

AHS Rehabilitation Model of Care Resource Site (AHS staff login required)

This site includes multiple resources such as:
Pediatric Collaborative Goal Setting Practice Support

Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC)

Quick Reference Guide

The CIHC National Interprofessional Competency Framework describes the competencies required for effective interprofessional collaboration. Six competency domains highlight the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that together shape the judgments that are essential for interprofessional collaborative practice. These domains are:

  • Role Clarification
  • Team Functioning
  • Patient / Client / Family / Community-Centred Care
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Interprofessional Communication
  • Interprofessional Conflict Resolution

AHS Role Clarity

For Allied Health Professionals (AHS staff login required)
For Health Professions (AHS staff login required)

AHS Collaborative Practice

AHS Collaborative Practice resources (AHS staff login required)

Video on Collective Competence | Dr. Lorelei Lingard | TEDxBayfield | 20 min



  1. Reductionism – healthcare providers most often deal with one small aspect of a person’s health instead of the whole person
  2. Medical Specialization – a patient with three diagnoses is treated by three different specialists, who work in different offices, different organizations and sometimes different communities
  3. Individual Competence – training in individual competence focuses on individual competence and not collaborative team competence


  1. a global electronic health record
  2. primary care service through a primary healthcare team in one office or building
  3. strategic review of errors and fix the errors with standardized protocols and procedures

Videos on Role Clarification + subsequent Reflection | University of Alberta | 4.5 min total
Includes a role play example from an inpatient unit caring for an adult with a potential EFS disorder.

Role Resources to share with Families:

Your Care Team

Care Coordination