Oral Feeding

Oral feeding challenges (eating by mouth) can be extremely stressful for many caregivers. With these resources, support from your healthcare team and practice, your child’s health and nutrition can improve and you can enjoy a positive feeding relationship with your child.

Normal Swallowing in Children

This video depicts normal swallowing in children. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s swallow, please contact your healthcare provider.

Tips for Success - Getting Through Mealtime Struggles Video Series

This is a pre-recorded video series for parents and caregivers of children 6 months to 8 years. It offers information, strategies and resources about mealtime struggles. You can watch the videos at any time at your own speed. You can also stop and return at any time.

We suggest watching the Introduction and Connections videos first.

The video series was developed by a multidisciplinary team from Alberta Health Services.


Note for Healthcare Providers: AHS Forms and Handouts can be printed directly or ordered in bulk

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Tips for Success - Getting Through Mealtime Struggles Video Series

Swallowing Difficulties (Dysphagia)

Texture Modified Diets

Feeding Skill Development


Oral Health

Autism Spectrum Disorder

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