Equipment & Supplies

Equipment List

There is a broad range of oral and enteral feeding equipment and supplies that healthcare providers may recommend such as thickeners, bottles, utensils, chairs, etc... This is a list of commonly used items to help healthcare providers and families discuss what may be appropriate for your child and to help families find these items.

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Order Enteral Supplies

Enteral supplies can be ordered through AHS. AHS provides the monthly supply quotas with the cost of any additional supplies being the family's responsibility. The provision of supplies for children on the Provincial Home Enteral Programs is a shared collaboration between families and AHS. 

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Funding Information

You may qualify for funding to help cover the cost of your child’s formula, supplement or special diet. A good rule of thumb is to check them all out to see if your family would be eligible.

There are several options that fall into the following categories...

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Education Materials

The following links will take you to equipment & supply education materials and videos. They include information such as nipple flow rates, how to adapt a high chair, etc... 

Additional Information for healthcare providers: