Goal Setting

Collaborative Goal Setting is a foundational element of patient and family centered care where a shared decision-making process is used to support the creation of meaningful, patient-centered goals.

Roles in Collaborative Goal Setting:

  • The family is the expert on their values, preferences, and motivations
  • The provider is the expert on the condition and the rehabilitation process

Shared Decision Making is an interactive process where:

  • Families share what matters to them
  • The clinician shares information about the clinical issues and treatment options
  • Families and the clinicians discuss and agree on a goal together

Client-Centered means that goals reflect:

  • What matters to the family incorporating their values, needs and perspectives
  • Roles, relationships and activities that are important to the family
  • Goals are written from the family’s perspective using language that is meaningful to them

Goal Driven Intervention means that:

  • Therapy is focused on strategies that directly relate to the family’s goals
  • The connection between the goals and treatment activities are clear

Documented means that:

  • Goals are recorded / Charted so all providers are working towards the same goal
  • The family is provided with a copy of the goal


Goal Wheel Form

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