Tools & Templates

The following are tools and templates for families to use and share with their healthcare providers where they may be helpful.

Food Record

A food record gives insight into your child’s daily food and drink intake, diet variety, your family routine, and feeding environment. You may be asked to fill out a food record in preparation for your visit with the healthcare team. Filling out the food record form to the best of your abilities can help you prepare for your clinical visit. ...

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Goal Setting

Collaborative Goal Setting is a foundational element of patient and family centered care where a shared decision-making process is used to support the creation of meaningful, patient-centered goals.

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Feeding Care Plan

A clearly defined feeding care plan is an important part of successfully managing a pediatric feeding disorder. It is an essential part of communicating, and implementing safe and successful strategies across multiple care settings, e.g. grandparents, daycare and school.

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Family Care Map

A Care Map is simply a drawing, a visual representation of a family’s care network.

  • Everyone can create their own care map.  It is not specific to caregivers and families of complex children.
  • A care map can include people, pets, professionals and places and their relationships of care.
  • A care map can give families new insights about their own personal situation, their relationships and can support the development of new skills and comfort in speaking with others about care.

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Additional Resources