About PEAS

Pediatric Eating And Swallowing (PEAS) is a quality improvement initiative to standardize services and improve care for children with a pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) in Alberta. The PEAS mission is to capture the spirit and harness the power of collaboration to enhance and standardize interdisciplinary practice in the area of eating, feeding and swallowing, in order to attain the best outcomes for our patients and their families. There is a strong desire across the province among families, healthcare, social services, and the education sectors to collaborate and improve outcomes for this vulnerable population where systemic change is needed to improve pediatric eating, feeding, and swallowing services.

Acknowledgements & Sponsors

We would like to dedicate this inititaive to the patients and family members who we have the privilege of working with and caring for, and together are shaping quality healthcare for children with EFS disorder across the province.

Thank you to everyone involved in the PEAS project who contributed to this provincial effort. This includes members of the Project Team, Steering and Leadership Committees, various Working Groups, families, and key experts who reviewed the evidence and developed materials.

We would also like to thank the AHS Clinical Services Development team for developing and maintaining the PEAS website, and the MNCY SCN for support and resources through the Health Outcomes Improvement Fund II.


Revision Requirements

It is intended that this information is updated every three to five years in order to reflect any changes in evidence related to the screening, assessment and management of children with Pediatric Feeding Disorder.